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Odessa Jewish University

Odessa Jewish University. Auditoriums, students, teachers. Questions, answers, balls, exams. These are well-known things for everybody. Perhaps everybody remembers his first session of exams. Present first-year students are passing it. It’s the first session in their lives and in the life of their university it's the next one, but anyway it’s of great importance.

Search of new forms is always in process in this university, including conduction of an exam, as well as in the entire educational system “Tikva” – “Ohr Sameah” (the university is the part of it). This continuous education starts in kindergarten, is carried on at school, in its branches (there are two of them now – at Kotovsky district and Tairova district), at boarding schools, which in more than 10 years of their existence became the true home for dozens of Jewish children.

One of the most unusual exams in Jewish University was passed by 3rd-year students - future social pedagogues and psychologists. “Basis of stage work” – it’s a special course, that helps students to study their useful and difficult profession. Students write the plot of the play and perform themselves. And it’s not just a performance. There are heroes of fairy-tales, collection of characters, psychological types, personal features and phobias.

— I think, that this exam showed not just knowledge of educational program – says director of educational complex “Tikva” – “Ohr Sameah” (he is also Director of Jewish University) Mark Dreerman. — Of course, it was easier to estimate this knowledge if students would answer just according to manuals, but it’s very important for us that they show themselves in creative sphere, in un-standard situation.

Mr Dreerman, future psychologists demonstrated which psychological types and problems they are going to work with. And do you think 1st-year students have phobias towards exams?

It depends on personality, character – students are different. For example, I supervised a test in Jewish literature from 50 students of 1st-year students. Of course, some of them were nervous. We practice not just usual tests, when a teacher asks questions and a student reports, but a test-seminar.

Is it possible to say that these non-standard approaches to standard forms of education are already the standard at Jewish University?

I would keep from using the word “standard”, I don’t like it. Of course, we use traditional forms, but they are to be changed after some time, otherwise they would be turned into clichés, which are not acceptable.

The oldest students of Odessa Jewish University are now of 4th year. Were there any changes during these years?

The main aim is unchangeable – the true education of our students. The best teachers work with us. Much attention is paid to basic university disciplines and the entire cycle of Jewish subjects: Hebrew, tradition, Jewish literature, history.
If to talk about our university in figures, the picture is the following. We have approximately 150 students at 4 faculties. 28 people out of them are 4th year students, and they will receive bachelor diplomas this year and they seriously prepare for this. Recently we received and developed themes of bachelors’ works. These are serious themes of scientific character and we plan to publish digest of scientific works of students. We will continue tradition of good universities to combine educational and scientific work. It’s extremely important, because university without scientific base, scientific researches is not a university!

And how scientific work is combined with practice?

We have a serious practical base. For psychologists, teachers, it’s of course, school “Tikva” – “Ohr Sameah”, kindergardens, all components of our system. Practical classes with students are conducted by our best teachers. As for managers, who receive education at the university, they have their practice at different travel agencies, at top Odessa hotels. All of them are PC-users, they speak English, Hebrew, go info management – so we are proud of our students. As for our structures we plan to propose job at “Tikva” – “Ohr Sameah” to several our graduates.

It’s necessary to mark, that one of our main goals, which was meant, when the Jewish University was created is the following: it’s very important that our students and pupils of schools and especially of boarding schools after graduation from educational institutions were left all alone. That is why practically all pupils of boarding schools enter our university, as well graduates from other schools (this year there were 18 of them). Frankly speaking, some, especially pupils from boarding schools, have not enough of basic preparation for higher institution…

— Are there any encouragements for own pupils?

No! It’s impossible! They have to study well and no encouragements possible! At our school we have special preparation courses. And what is important we have the preparation department. These are not just courses, this is the faculty, after graduation from which students easily pass introductory exams.
We never leave anybody in the street, we never leave these children without care. They live in our hostel (there are tutors there), study, it means they are involved! By this we prevent them from different unpleasant things in their lives. I’m sure that one of the main postulates of our special Jewish system: a person is not to be left without attention, not to stay all alone. This principle of our work will remain constant!

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