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The Girls’ School

What is taught at school? All of us seem to know the simple answer to the question. However, when it goes about the Jewish school, the long list of the common subjects should be supplemented with Hebrew, tradition, Jewish history and culture. And if it is, moreover, the “Tikva – Ohr Sameakh” Odessa Jewish school, then you will get educated in very vital subjects, the ones you’ll need most in your life!

The “Tikva – Ohr Sameakh” school for girls. Here we witness another lesson, one of a kind that has become quite habitual, being although not so much a school subject but a genuine sewing enterprise. Or – almost genuine. Be it this way or not, the participants of the process – both children and the adults – take it in earnest, unlike a kid’s game or a bare curriculum routine.

Mark Dreerman, the director of the “Tikva – Ohr Sameakh” education-and-tutoring complex, while on a regular visit to the young seamstresses, has ordered a suit for himself. It was a joke, he insists. But it somehow comes out that Mark Dreerman’s jokes, however, appear to be jokes for only a fraction because even his joyful wishes tend to come true. He surely can reconcile with the need to wait for his new suit while the girls are engrossed in mastering the initial stages of the sewing process – and not at the mere needle-and-scissors level. Sewing machines for the schoolgirls are identical to the real manufacturing ones. And without any such thing as “almost”.

Now it is the second year that Dina Chindina, an expert master, teaches her girls in “Tikva – Ohr Sameakh”. They have mastered a lot of things, she states. These skills won’t be superfluous for any of them – that is true. But the major director’s hope is some of these girls making these lessons the start of their future life occupation.

- They are producing some things even now already, quite able to recondition their clothing, sew some infants’ attire for the Infants’ Home, - Mark Dreerman continues. - The girls feel themselves useful which inspires their self-esteem. We hope besides that after their 9 th school year is over, they will enter the dress-making college, receive the certificate and start working, and it will become their occupation, their path to adaptation to life.

- You mean that just now, through these lessons in this classroom, we do not encounter a simple labor training but a real schooling for future occupation?

- Sure, we do have a subject named “Attendance services” aimed to teach the children, the girls in particular, how to manage the home chars. But here our task is their professional training in order they can earn their decent living.

The “Tikva – Ohr Sameakh” Odessa Jewish School has never been an educational institution for the chosen ones: all Jewish children are welcomed here irrespective of their learning abilities and social status. The children are attended individually, but they are equal in arousing pride both for their victories in All-Ukrainian School Olympics, full-weight gold of their numerous graduate medals, and their entering the privileged universities. And for these, seemingly modest achievements, like at those sewing lessons that we may call simply the lessons of life.

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