Как подписаться на "бумажную" версию газеты "Тиква - Ор Самеах"?
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Schools in Odessa

The “Ohr Sameakh” private Jewish school has originated in 1994 when a school for boys was initiated where 68 Jewish children have started their education. In a year the schools both for girls and six-year kids (elementary school) were opened. In 1996 two children’s homes for “Ohr Sameakh” children from economically marginal families have appeared – apart for boys and girls. Since 1999, a kindergarten started functioning whereto children from 2 to 5 years are accepted.

By 2001, the “Ohr Sameakh” Charity Organization as a secondary education unit has numbered over 600 pupils; in the school children’s homes 85 boys and girls from Odessa Region, the Crimea, and other southern districts of the Ukraine got schooling.

The “Ohr Sameakh” Jewish school complies with the Ukrainian governmental curriculum, which is supplemented, however, with the bulk of subjects and optional classes of the specific national character. Included are Jewish tradition, history, Hebrew, Jewish literature; history of the Holocaust is a separate study discipline.

The “Ohr Sameakh” Jewish school teaching staff includes the Ph.D. and D.Sc. bearers, Professors, adjunct professors, the highest category teachers from Odessa and Israel. Over 200 school graduates are receiving higher education by now in the universities of Odessa, Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, New York. Starting 1997, the pupils undergo a probation course in the “Ohr-Dessa” Jerusalem branch of the Odessa school according to the Israeli-Ukrainian intergovernmental agreement (NAALE-16 program).

Special attention is paid to instilling morality into children, to advancing their intellectual and creative talents. All pupils can get a profound knowledge of foreign languages; optional classes and hobby groups of whichever character – from aesthetic to sportive – are available for them. This may be the reason why the school pupils are the multiple winners of the All-Ukrainian Olympics for the non-governmentally funded private school pupils.

The school provides for the psychological and defectological services. Since 1995, the “Ohr Sameakh” summer health camp has been presenting accommodations for children’s rest.

The school is a charity organization, thus all services are free of charge.

· Boys’ school – 5/7 Kartamyshevskiy pereulok, tel.(048)731-10-67

· Elementary school – 53 Parkovaya St., tel. (048) 732-42-01

· Girls’ school – 29/31 Mikhailovskaya St., tel. (048) 715-13-30

· Girls’ home – 54 Golovkovskaya St., tel. (048) 715-19-90

· Boys’ home – 5, 1 st Razumovskiy pereulok, tel. (048) 717-70-59

· Nursery school and Kindergarten – 2 Myasoedovskaya St., tel. (048) 732-73-02

Tikva Children's Home