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Café “Netania”

23, Risheliyevskaya str., Odessa. Café “Netania”. This new site at the map of Odessa kashrut appeared recently, but it differs from other places, because here it’s cozy, tasty, quickly and not expensive. And of course, the key difference of this café is that it’s kosher, that means that everything is done here according to strict correspondence with Jewish laws about food. Kashrut becomes more and more popular in the world, and also not only among Jews. And Odessa café “Netania” is not an exception.

The popularity of kashrut among people, who are distant from religion, is explained not only with the fact that kosher food is tasty, diverse and a dish to any taste can be proposed. Kashrut is the system of healthy nutrition and the sign “kosher” is not by chance understood as the evidence of guaranteed quality.

Concept of kashrut for Jewish world is, of course, more wide. Kashrut is one of the basis of the entire Jewish tradition and Jewish life. It was like that from ancient years and it is continued like that.

— One should never do only a half of the job! – says rabbi Shlomo Baksht, chief rabbi of Odessa and Odessa region. – What exactly I mean? Our main task is to teach Odessa Jews, to open Torah for our people, true Jewish life, tradition – things, about which people either had no idea of or knew just a little. Yes, that is our first obligation! To tell, to teach, to see with pleasure, that more people (and a lot of youth among them) really start to live according to Torah – and it’s beautiful! But to stop with theory, not to create conditions for a person, under which he could really live a true Jewish life, would be not honest.
Talking about kashrut, I should say that it’s long time as we have a shop of kosher products, meat restaurant “Hevron”, that successfully works. And now the necessity of kosher milk café appeared, where you can come to have a bite for not big money, and to be back to your business. It was just the demand of life! And we fulfilled it. “Netania” started successfully and I’m happy with that. For me it’s one more evidence, that Jewish community in Odessa lives a true life.

Director of café David Persiko and his staff are young people, full of energy. But they never differ their visitors according to age or other criteria. Lea Winer, employee at “Netania” answering to the question if only students from Jewish University, located at Main Odessa synagogue, visit the café, says: “No, a lot of visitors unknown to us come to our café. And we are happy to meet them!”

Everybody is welcomed here and will be proposed pizza (with mushrooms, olives, tomatos, onion, tuna, cheese), various salads, sauces, toasts, pitas, that is very characteristic for Odessa – mix of different cuisines (of course, pizza can’t be called a traditional Jewish dish, but it’s not a reason for Jews not to like it!)

As to the prices, thay can be called “democratic”: salad, pizza and coffee, for example, would cost 12-15 hryvna. And barman Yakov Epelbaum would pay attention of advanced people to another free treat: if a person needs Internet, he can come with his notebook and use Wi-Fi zone.

To conclude, 23, Risheliyevskaya str., Odessa, kosher café “Netania”. Cozy, tasty, quickly and inexpensive. Visit us and see with your own eyes!


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