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The Girls’ Children’s Home

…The most ordinary scene: children are going home back from school. And the fact they are so numerous (several dozens), and all of them are girls, will surprise only the one who does not know that these are the Tikva – Ohr Sameakh Odessa Jewish children’s home schoolgirls, the hostesses of a new large house. Into this place, a spacious, very comfortable, beautiful, and cozy home they have moved by the end of 2006 . So, the process of adapting it to themselves is in full swing. But to many of them, however, it really has become already a HOME.

Valentina Shchelokova, the manager of the girls’ children’s home, who is more often called “our home mom” by the girls, says that she wants it to become a real home. And as a matter of case, it does go this way – without slightest pressing from the adults.

“I would like very much the girls not only say but actually take it for their real home” , Valentina narrates. “ And it feels very pleasing when back from the excursion, for example, they ask, “Is it soon we return home?

“And where have you been?”

“To speak of the most recent trips, we visited the zoo in Nikolayev, got amused in aqua-park, in Entertainment Park…”

Though it is not an easy task to recollect everything at once, now the girls themselves say. Especially as they have a lot to keep their minds on, besides the excursions and trips – if only there is time for everything! The day is full to the utmost extent: it includes both the school, and hobby-groups, and books, and – the most essential – the home itself of which its hostesses speak contentedly. And it is a truly nice one, this home that has grown from the literal ruins: it was a building of the abandoned plaything manufactory that has silently died many years ago… To-day nothing reminds about the sad past, the house inspires joy, even on a cloudy day it seems sun-lit (it is owing to the designer who has chosen bright, rich, sunny colors for the walls, furniture, and blinds).

Another thing that attracts attention just at once – no feeling of being overcrowded or pressed here. Each of the four floors has a vast hall with comfortable easy-chairs and sofas, spacious bedrooms designed to host 5 girls at most. New furniture, each girl has her own nook; each room has its own PC… There is an additional room equipped with PCs, rooms for studies, for plays, for hobby-groups which always were numerous at Tikva – Ohr Sameakh, and now will add in number: space is available!

The girls’ children’s home, as a matter of fact, is over 10 years already. From its first days it was, is, and will be free of charge. And its wards to-day are not Odessites only. There are girls from other towns of Ukraine, Moldova, and Russia. They are over 60 all in all here – from the first-graders to the graduates. Someone only just starts to familiarize herself with a new place, for some it is not the first year of residing here. The children’s home has already changed several addresses during those years, but this one is final, this house is to forever belong to them!

I rejoice together with my girls ”, Valentina says. “ Now we have everything I ever dreamed of: that living conditions be as home-like as possible; that the girls do not feel abandoned and torn off their native homes. But this might not be the principal thing. Comfort, coziness – they will surely appear with time, and difficult as it may be, the everyday problems are settled (a lot of thanks to the Chief Rabbi of Odessa and Region Rabbi Shlomo Baksht, Deputy Rabbi Refoel Kruskal, the school director Mark Dreerman)… Our major concern is both the way children are treated and the relations between the girls themselves – they are to be good-family-like.

…Another very homey detail, hardly imaginable in any other children’s home: there are mini-kitchens installed at each floor. You feel like having a cup of tea – why not then?.. Life takes its course here – despite all troubles with removal and moving in, with repair works in progress – the territory is really no small! A backyard, a canteen, a kitchen, a gym, and assembly hall…The hostesses assure: we’ll see everything in its full splendor very soon – and invite to visit them. We shall certainly drop in!

54 Golovkovskaya St.,
Tel. (048) 715-19-90

Tikva Children's Home